Moscow International Short Film Festival “Debuts”

For the eighth time, from 18 to 23 December 2014, the network of cinemas “Moscow Cinema” will hold Moscow International Short Film Festival “Debuts”, which will demonstrate once again the actual state of international and Russian short film genre within the modern culture.

The competition program includes shorts made not only by students and graduates of film schools, but also by all young directors working in fiction, documentary or animation genres. The Jury consists of prominent representatives of modern culture who are not professional filmmakers.

This year’s competition program is selected by: curator of animation programs Maria Tereshchenko — animation, director and screenwriter Sergey Tsyss — fiction films, vice president of The Documentary Film and Television Guild — Nikita Tihonov-Rau — documentaries.

The Jury consists of prominent representatives of modern culture who are not professional filmmakers. The jury members of the previous years were: artist Jim Avignon, architect Alexander Tsimaylo, stage director and scene designer Philipp Grigoryan, choreographers Alexandra Konnikova and Albert Albert, artist Alexander Shaburov and others. This year’s competition program will be judged by: Moscow street artists art group ZUK Club; theatre critic, organizer of the Young Drama Festival “Lyubimovka” Anna Banasyukevich; Swedish composer of the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm) and Malmo Opera House Thomas Lindahl; as well as Colombian artist and musician Augusto Martello Martines.

This year’s non-competition program will traditionally present the best short films of the last few years from around the world (Films from the North 2014: “Scandinavian Peculiarities”, program of Bogota Film Festival Bogoshorts, Colombian shorts program “Large Colombian Family”, program for the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema, program “Swedish View”), award-winning films of prestigious Russian and international festivals (Crème-de-la-crème Russia 2014, Best Short Films 2014: Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland; Venice International Film Festival, Italy; the Cannes International Film Festival, France, and others), as well as thematic screenings: curator program of video art by Patrick K.-H. “The Logic Of Credible Nonsense”, program of Moscow International Short Film Festival “Debuts” famous winners: debut films directed by Ivan I. Tverdovskiy, Mikhail Mestetskiy, Irina Volkova and Leonid Shmelkov.

Within the competition and non-competition program screenings there will be open discussions with the participation of the films directors and festival curators.

The festival grounds of “Moscow Cinema” will also host special events within art-program: the first exhibition of already famous photographer Konstantin Gribov “Point of View”, dedicated to the genre photography (cinema “Kosmos”); exhibition of works by Colombian artist Felipe Restrepo, dedicated to the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia (cinema “Zvezda”); performance “My FeFe”, based on memoirs, interviews and diaries about life and work of famous Federico Fellini (cinema “Zvezda”); as well as professional master classes of the foreign visitors: Swedish composer of the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm) and Malmo Opera House Thomas Lindahl, and Colombian artist and musician Augusto Martello Martines (cinema “Saturn”).

All the festival events are free and will be held in the local cinemas of the network “Moscow Cinema”: “Kosmos” (VDNH metro station), “Saturn” (Sviblovo metro station), “Zvezda” (Kurskaya metro station) and “Fakel” (Aviamotornaya metro station).



Metro station VDNKH
Prospekt Mira, 109
tel: (495) 687-76-17

18.12, 19:00 — Opening ceremony | Best Short: Venezia 2014 16+ Original languages, Russian subtitles

18.12 — 23.12 — Art program | Point of view — photo exhibition by Konstantin Gribov 16+ 

19.12, 19:00 — Non-competition program  | Best Short: Locarno 2014 18+ Original languages, Russian subtitles

20.12, 17:30 — Non-competition program | Best Short: Cannes 2014 18+ Original languages, Russian subtitles

21.12, 17:30 — Non-competition program | Best Short: Cannes 2014 18+ Original languages, Russian subtitles

23.12, 19:00 — Closing ceremony | Winners 2014 16+ Russian language, English subtitles


Metro station Аviamotornaya, 
Shosse Entuziastov, 15/16
tel: (495) 362-12-19

19.12, 19:00 — Competition program | Competition Program: Animation  16+ Russian language, English subtitles

20.12, 19:00 — Competition program | Competition Program: Feature 16+ Russian language, English subtitles

21.12, 19:00 — Competition program | Competition Program: Documentary  16+ Russian language, English subtitles

22.12, 19:00 — Non-competition program | Best Prize Winners 2007-2012   16+ Russian language      


Metro station Kurskaya,
Zemlyanoj val, 18/22 
tel: (495) 916-28-05, 917-83-01 

19.12 — 23.12 — Art program | Exhibition “Requital” by Colombian artist Felipe Restrepo 16+

19.12, 20:00 — Art program | “The Logic Of Credible Nonsense”. Art-video 2003-2014 18+ 

20.12, 15:10 — Non-competition program | Bogota Film Festival “Bogoshorts” 16+ Spanish language, English subtitles

21.12, 14:40 — Non-competition program | Creme-de-la-Creme Russia 2014 16+ Russian language

22.12, 20:00 — Art program | Performance “My FeFe” 16+ 


Metro station Sviblovo, 
Snezhnaya street, 18
tel: (499) 180-43-88

19.12, 19:00 — Non-competition program | To The 100 Anniversary Of Turkish Cinema  16+  Russian language, English subtitles

20.12, 17:00 — Art program | Master-class Swedish composer Tomas Lindahl.

Non-competition program | Sverige look  18+ Original languages, Russian subtitles 

21.12, 17:00 — Art program | Master-class Colombian artist Augusto Martelо Martines.

Non-competition program | Colombian Shorts Program “Large Colombian Family”  16+ Spanish language, English subtitles

22.12, 19:00 — Non-competition program | Films From The North 2014 18+ Original languages, Russian subtitles

Competition Program

Feature films


Alexei Belyakov

2014, 16 min

The second World War is over. One man was a concentration camp prisoner. The other one is Wehrmacht

Officer. Once they had met at the torture Chamber. A few years later they met again.


Viktor Sidorov

2014, 29 min

He is a manager in the major company, and he lives at the rundown neighbourhood in the city of the future. One day his life changes...

Labour Reserves

Marat Alihmanov

2014, 10 min

The main character wants to find his dream job. And he’s ready to overcome the difficulties.


Olzhas Ermekbaev

2014, 7 min

Besieged Leningrad. The pianist came to a dying elderly woman to play the last concert to her.

Night Winter People

Valery Polienko

2014, 19 min

Winter. Moscow. Night. 12 passengers in a minibus.

Practical Magic

Natalia Glumnushina

2013, 14 min

The main character, a single woman over 30, is trying to conjure love.

Documentaries films


Elena Otrepyeva

2014, 33 min

Rebalda is a remote village on the Solovetsky archipelago. Every year former convicts with their families come hear for an output of seaweed.


Katerina Tsvighun

2014, 3 min.

Eight-year-old Pauline spends her morning on the radio station. Her mother is a morning show dj.

Somewhere in the steppe

Tatiana Zhukova

2014, 6 min

It’s a film-observation about a common Mongolian family somewhere in the steppe.

Different Life

Ksenia Argudaeva

2014, 6 min

Masha followed in her family’s footsteps. But one day she understands that her calling is not that of architect.


Maxim Arbugaev

2014, 30 min

“Hunters” is about people hunting for mammoth bones and tusks to earn money.

Dear Father...

Natalya Kononenko

2014, 22 min

The main character is an ex-member of a criminal gang who wants to return to a normal life.

Animation films

The wires

Tatiana Moskova, Marina Moshkova


2014, 6 min

What if our words turned to creatures and take their own decisions?


Philipp Yarin


2013, 13 min

Two brothers — two different fates who realised their common childhood in different ways. Based on the Northen people fairy tales.

Brave mum

Alexandra Lukina


2014, 6 min

A young mother is terribly afraid of rats. Will she be able to overcome her fear?

Why banana snarls

Svetlana Razgulyayeva


2014, 10 min

A looser working as a banana-man, has always dreamt of seas and ships. Suddenly he discovers that he has a tail.

Behind the window. Harms life stories

Misha Safronov


2014, 11 min

Once there lived Harms. He wrote poetry and fiction. He lived in a complicated place at complicated time. He died from hunger in a psych ward of the Kresty prison during the siege. He also used to talk to the Sun, go for a walk with his friends, have girlfriends, dance and look behind a window. 

Nana, Nani, Nao

Konstantin Brilliantov


2014, 4 min

Carefree life of an aquarium fish has been disturbed by a stranger.

One turtle

Anna Romanova


2014, 5 min

A story of a turtle who wants to get away from everyone.

Non-competition program

Best Shorts: Cannes 2014
Best Shorts: Venezia 2014
Best Shorts: Locarno 2014

To the 100 anniversary of Turkish cinema

Bogota Film Festival “Bogoshorts”

Colombian Shorts Program “Large Colombian Family”

Films From The North 2014

Sverige look

Art program

Patrick K.-H. “The Logic Of Credible Nonsense”. Art-Video 2003-2014.

Anton Yakhontov (aka Patrick K.-H.) — sound  and video artist.
He is working with electronic and digital media, animation tools, surround sound and algorithmic composition creating works at the intersection of genres, which allows to establish the interrelation between disparate artifacts and paradoxes of each of them.


Tommy D series

Out Of Series
Animation for theater

With Andreas Karaoulanis

Photo exhibition “Point of view” by Konstantin Gribov

Konstantin shows ordinary things in an unusual, interesting way;

and assimilating them he expresses his vision and mood. In his creative work the photographer is focused on  naturalness and emotion.

The exhibition will feature a selection of works taken by Constantine over the past few years, which are combined in a term “genre art”. 

Performance “My FeFe”

“My Fefe” is a performance about Federico Fellini’s art.

Fefe was Federico´s nick-name used by his closets people.

Clowns-masks, clowns-grotesques, guests from black-and-white movie will tell us about Fellini. Their dialogues are words of the director, texts of his memoirs and interviews.

Exhibition "Requital" by Colombian artist Felipe Restrepo

In memory of the armed conflict in Colombia for the last 15 years Colombian artist Felipe Restrepo has created his works (oil paintings, ink drawings, sculptures, stop-motions) based on the evidence of the conflict victims.

Felipe Restrepo’s art is a poetic memory of a permanent palette of red, black and white colours, as well as the symbolism of various animals, dominated by birds (black eagles, vultures of all kinds) and dogs. The exhibition includes series of works called "Horror, despair and death", "Absence", "Resilience" and "North-east of Antioquia".